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1.  MovAlyzeR analysis chart with 95% Confidence Intervals instead of SD

2.  Title: Analyzing Whole Words In MovAlyzeR

3.  HOW TO GET STARTED with MovAlyzeR

4.  Calibrating axial pen pressure in MovAlyzeR

5.  MovAlyzeR drawing tests: TMT, Rey Complex Figure Test, Spiral drawing, Mirror tracing

6.  External Apps in MovAlyzeR

7.  Additional processing of INC Summarized Data (Example: Slope, correlation estimation)

8.  External Apps: Curve Radius, Constant Velocity, Knowledge of Results, ...

8.  External App producing Knowledge Of Results

9.  Installing MovAlyzeR: valid activation code, but did not activate feature(s) selected

10.  MovAlyzeR Install: Needs each time new Activation Code or you get: Already Used.

11.  Create MovAlyzeR installation CD or USB memory

12.  Move MovAlyzeR Data from One PC To Another PC; Find recordings of a lost user.

13.  MovAlyzeR trials can be triggered by/trigger other systems

14.  Air strokes and how to make them invisible

15.  Use Apple iPad2 with Neuroscript’s MovAlyzeR software

15.  Stylus for Apple Ipad

15.  Testing Apple iPad handwriting recording using MovAlyzeR

15.  iPad accuracy: Spatial RMS error <0.05 cm. Sampling constant at 60 Hz

16.  Installing MovAlyzeR fails for unknown reasons

17.  Move MovAlyzeR license from one computer to another computer

18.  Not all trial data is shown in the Processed Data Chart?

19.  Visual Stimuli in MovAlyzeR: Using Stimulus Editor

20.  Starting NeuroScript MovAlyzeR after PC problems: "Your license file is corrupted"

21.  Wacom Tablet Driver Installation Procedure

21.  Wacom Professional Pen Tablet Driver Release Notes

22.  Running MovAlyzeR with the Wacom Cintiq Tablet Display

23.  Help, I bought MovAlyzeR. How can it help me with my thesis?

23.  STEP 2: Experiment Preparation

23.  Step 3: Testing Subjects

23.  Step 4: Analysis

23.  Step 5: Reporting

23.  Step 6: Graduation

24.  MovAlyzeR6.1 Bug Reports

25.  MovAlyzeR External Applications

26.  NeuroScript MovAlyzeR (or PDF by Hand): License file missing

27.  Movalyzer Device setup does not Acquire a newer Wacom tablet's data

27.  Wacom's sampling rate of 100 Hz shoudl be 133 Hz

28.  This installation package could not be opened.

29.  MovAlyzeR: Waiting for the pen

30.  Error 1305: Error reading from file. Verify file exists and you can access it.

31.  Key Steps in running MovAlyzeRx

32.  When adding groups, subjects, conditions, .. s to an experiment: Cannot add item

33.  Movalyzer6.1 NEW ProcessMod: External App: Column limit; Entire trial segmentation

34.  SP1: Pullman et al,. (1998) spiral analysis using MovAlyzeR or MovAlyzeRx

34.  Specify condition order:How to speed up the operation

35.  not authorized to use the program

36.  What if I am going to upgrade to Windows 7?

37.  Norm Databases for Human Movements

38.  Pen Tablet Driver Trouble Shoot and Installation

39.  MovAlyzer seems to crash when exporting a data view to MS Excel

40.  TEAcher and STUdent tests

41.  Change the Tablet Size in Stimulus Editor

42.  Windows Installer Logging. Error 1721. There is a problem with this Windows Installer

43.  Example using MovAlyzeR with Matlab

44.  Process scanned handwritting images in MovAlyzeR

45.  MovAlyzeR (re)installed but when starting nothing happens

46.  Using MovAlyzeR with Two (Dual) Monitors

47.  BPP: Beep at high pen pressure

48.  2PN: Two Pen Experiment

49.  MovAlyzeR Example in User UU1

50.  Add voice to MovAlyzeR experiments

51.  WEBINAR: Testing Accuracy of tablet digitizer using MovAlyzeR

52.  WEBINAR Program

53.  WEBINAR: Visual Stimuli: Target and Interactions in MovAlyzeR

54.  WEBINAR: Visual Stimuli and Animations in MovAlyzeR

55.  Instructing participants in MovAlyzeR handwriting tests

56.  MovAlyzeR integrates with Matlab

57.  Convert Display from Portrait to Landscape on a Tablet PC

58.  Right-click settings for a Tablet PC

59.  Resolve Element Font Import Discrepancy

60.  Run MovAlyzeR on a Macintosh

61.  MovAlyzeR External Application Interface to Matlab

61.  View NeuroScript MovAlyzeR manual

62.  When disabling Submovement analysis in Movalyzer4.5 and older

63.  Application failed to initialize properly

64.  Excel may create dates or multiply data by 1000 due non-English regional setting

65.  Installation: Error 1335 - Data1.cab corrupt or cannot be used

66.  Rename Subject AAA into BBB

67.  Keep getting messages that I am using a trial version. How do I get a license?

68.  Movalyzer does not show previous experiments

69.  Erorr 1303: The installer has insufficient privileges to access C:\config.msi

70.  What to report when computer freezes

71.  Set the instructions

72.  MovAlyzeR runs well but other users get FALSE_INTERNAL_FAILURE error.

73.  Recover User Password of MovAlyzeR

74.  Digitizer settings and tests

75.  New install of MovAlyzeR crashes

76.  ERROR: Unhandled Return Code (FALSE_INTERNAL_FAILURE). Please contact vendor.

77.  Need previous or older version of MovAlyzeR or ScriptAlyzeR?

77.  Updating your databases from MovAlyzer Version 2

78.  The activation code you input does not match this machine. Please contact your vendor

79.  An error has occurred in your license. Please contact vendor for a recovery code

80.  Tablet and pen do not communicate with MovAlyzeR

81.  Downloaded, installed new version but all experiments and data in user UU1 are gone

82.  Unhandled return code (False_not_auth_expired)

83.  Download/Update MovAlyzeR without Internet Connection

84.  MovAlyzeR - Movement Analysis SYstem has encountered a problem and needs to close.

85.  At Program Start: This user is already in use.

86.  Movalyzer: Error, Unhandled return code (FALSE_INTERNAL_FAILURE)

87.  Installation: Copy protection has currently not been released. Proceed to realease?

88.  Installation: Activation Code you input was in an invalid format.

89.  Installation: An error has occurred in your license.

90.  Movalyzer5.7 or older can be installed only on an English-based operating system

91.  FALSE_NOT_AUTH_EXPIRED error when starting MovAlyzeR

92.  How to print stimuli real size in MovAlyzeR?

93.  How to generate a customized sound file for use in sound stimulus ?

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