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2006-08-06, 17:08
Error Messager: "Please reinstall the tablet software" (Tablet Version Mismatch) or "THE TABLET DRIVER WAS NOT FOUND"

Although NeuroScript's MovAlyzeR, ScriptAlyzeR, or WritAlyzeR seems to work without installing a tablet digitizer driver, you
will need the tablet driver to be able to collect quality data.

You could test the Wacom driver by: Start >Control Panel >Wacom Tablet Properties >About >Diagnose

Clean install/reinstall/update of the Wacom digitizer tablet driver:

o Uninstall the old Wacom driver: Start >Control Panel >Add or Remove Programs >Find Tablet or Wacom driver >Remove
o If your tablet uses the COM port and not the USB port, disconnect the tablet, power down PC, start PC and let it reboot (this will remove remaining files), then power down the PC again, connect the COM port tablet, start PC)
o Install the latest Wacom driver, appropriate driver for Windows version and Tablet version: Go to www.wacom.com >Support >Download the appropriate .exe install file >Run the install file

Additional Wacom digitizer issues: http://www.neuroscriptsoftware.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=62
Digitizer software: http://www.NeuroScriptSoftware.com