I think I may need special assistance since I am new to this. First of all, I have been able to get the drawings of the circles up but I haven't been able to animate them ( please see below for study methodology)

Participants sat in front of a monitor and a digitizer tablet and were instructed to move a digital pen (WACOM ZP-130) over the tablet by using their fingers and wrist. The tablet recorded the X- and Y-position of the pen-tip with a sampling rate of 200 Hz and a 0.0005 cm resolution.
The pen movements were shown in real-time on the monitor in front of the participants. Participants were asked to draw a line from a starting position (a black circle in the centre of the monitor; 0.5 cm diameter) to a target
position (a black circle 2.5 cm away from the starting position; 0.5 cm diameter).
After the start circle appeared, the participants were instructed to place the pen-tip in it. When the pen-tip entered the start circle, it disappeared and a target circle appeared. Participants needed to draw as fast and as accurately as possible a line from the start to the target. Targets were located 2.5 cm above, below, to the right, and to the left of the start position. Each trial
was composed of a series of four target positions and thus four discrete aiming movements were made during a trial, that is, one movement to each target. Depending on the session (see below), the on-line visual feedback
of the movement trajectory was distorted by rotating it 45░