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Thread: Patent 6,546,134: Shrairman, R. & Landau, A. (2003). ... assessment of fine motor...

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    Patent 6,546,134: Shrairman, R. & Landau, A. (2003). ... assessment of fine motor...

    Handwriting movement analysis: www.neuroscriptsoftware.com

    Full text: http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-P...S=PN/6,546,134

    Shrairman, R. & Landau, A. (2003). System for assessment of fine motor control in humans. Patent 6,546,134.

    A biometric machine method for instantaneous assessment of the fine motor control of a human individual through analysis of that individual's handwriting dynamics in which the dynamic data concerning forces, accelerations of a scriber, is collected during the process of cursive writing. The criteria of stability, smoothness and synchronization of the writer's motion are returned by the system as quantifying measures of the neurological function. The method processes behavioral random signals with application of the correlation function analysis to the handwriting dynamic signals. The analysis takes less than a minute to return the numerical criteria scores and graphical displays showing stability of the handwriting strokes and the characteristics of the phase distortions in reproducing cursive samples. The invention can be applied for monitoring patients with neurological disorders, monitoring people with alcohol/drug abuse problems, detection of fine motor control deterioration as a result of exposure to toxic materials, and testing the efficacy of countermeasures to improve impaired fine motor control functions.

    Inventors: Shrairman; Ruth (Boulder, CO), Landau; Alexander (Boulder, CO)
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