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Pullman S.L. (2002). System and method for clinically assessing motor function. Patent 6,454,706

A computerized system and method for clinically assessing motor function comprising correlating geometric indices, computed from digital information obtained from a geometric shape drawn by a subject to be evaluated, with a rating score derived using a "standard of reference" generated by one or more clinical expert. Interpretation is thereby rendered more objective and consistent. Furthermore, the test may be administered and interpreted by physicians who are not skilled or experienced in evaluating motor disorders, for example general practitioners or pediatricians who are not certified in the practice of neurology. The present invention therefore provides a means for evaluating persons early in the course of disease, and for screening patients for motor dysfunction or, in the case of children, disorders of motor development.

Inventors: Pullman; Seth L. (Scarsdale, NY)

Assignee: The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York (New York, NY)


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