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Scientific American, March 31, 2008: http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=...&ec=su_dighand

Digital Glove Handwriting Recognition Technology Is Coming

Researchers seek to digitize handwriting by studying how muscles in the hand are used to create different characters

By Larry Greenemeier

RE-ANIMATING MUSCLES Fuglevand and his colleagues created an experimental setup for recording joint angles and muscle activity and for stimulating muscle (using electrodes inserted through the skin) with the goal of one day helping re-animate paralyzed limbs.
Courtesy of the Society for Neuroscience

A team of researchers is looking to handwriting rather than the ever-shrinking keyboards (that frustrate typists) in a quest to improve the way we input information to computers and cell phones. They say the key (especially for the less nimble among us) is "digital hand" technology, a glove stocked with embedded sensors that translates into digital text the electrical impulses generated by hand muscles during the act of writing—on any surface, using any pen, pencil or even a finger.