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Thread: Use Accept/Redo trials option

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    Use Accept/Redo trials option

    Redo/Accept Trial option till MovAlyzeR v5.2
    MovAlyzeR can be configured to ask manually to Accept/Redo a trial after every trial (Right click Experiment name > Running Experiment > Procedure > Accept/Redo trial >select Ask for every trial).

    After every trial, a dialog box comes up – Click YES to accept the trial or NO to redo.
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    -> If you click YES to accept the trial, the trial number is incremented and the experiment goes on as normal.
    -> If you click NO and want to redo the trial, then
    1. The discarded data is stored as a MovAlyzeR raw data file (.hwr) with the current trial number <=Potential problem!
    2. The trial number is incremented and the data is again recorded.
    Example: Suppose we have an experiment EXP with one condition CON that has Number of Trials = 2 and one subject SUB in group GRP.

    Right click SUB > Run Experiment
    Trial 1: Click YES to accept (EXPGRPSUBCON01.HWR created)
    Trial 2: Click NO to discard and redo (EXPGRPSUBCON02.HWR created)
    Trial 3: Click YES to accept (EXPGRPSUBCON03.HWR created)

    In the tree menu, the automatic processing of trials leaves us with Trials 1 and 3 i.e. a total of 2 trials.
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    Refresh the tree menu or restart MovAlyzeR, the discarded trial becomes visible and it is not processed
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    Finally, if you reprocess all trials, there is no way to distinguish which trials were redone
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    A workaround to recover from this situation is proposed in the following section. For now this is a bug which will be fixed in MovAlyzeR v5.3


    The discarded trials are NOT automatically backed up. The workaround is to manually copy the trials from the backup folder. The Restore option in File > Backup > Backup History will NOT work. Please follow these steps instead:

    1. Within MovAlyzeR, go to Settings > User Properties > Path & Settings and note the Data Path and the Backup Path for that user. In my case, it is C:\USR and C:\USR\BACKUP
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    2. Close MovAlyzeR.

    3. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory of the group of subjects whose accepted trials you want to recover. For eg: I want to recover accepted trials of group GRP in experiment EXP. So in windows explorer, I open C:\USR\EXP\GRP.

    4. Rename the group directory that you want to recover as a safety measure. Eg: I want to recover trials for subjects in group GRP, so I renamed the GRP group folder to GRP_AllTrials.

    5. Navigate to the backup directory and select the appropriate experiment folder. Eg: If the experiment ID is EXP, then the relevant directory is C:\USR\BACKUP\EXP

    6. Copy the entire group folder that you want to recover from the backup experiment folder. Eg: I copied the GRP folder within EXP i.e. C:\USR\BACKUP\EXP\GRP was copied.

    7. Paste this alongside the previously renamed GRP_AllTrials folder. Eg: I pasted the GRP folder I copied from the backup C:\USR\BACKUP\EXP\GRP into C:\USR\EXP\GRP. Now the experiment directory has
    -> C:\USR\EXP\GRP and
    -> C:\USR\EXP\GRP_AllTrials

    NOTE: At no point during the above procedure would you have to overwrite or delete any files. If Windows Explorer prompts you to overwrite any files, kindly hit Cancel and follow closely the above steps.

    8. Repeat steps 3-6 for all groups that you want to recover.

    9. Open MovAlyzeR. The tree menu for the relevant experiment is populated only with the accepted trials.

    This is the recommended solution at this time. Please feel free to send in questions or comments to support@neuroscriptsoftware.com
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    The file that was to be redone was SUPPOSED to be deleted. The problem was that the code to determine the file name was AFTER the code for YES/NO accept/redo...so there was no file to delete.

    FIXED. The file is now deleted.

    It was never originally intended to skip a trial # if you redid a trial. E.g., if you have 3 trials total, and you redit # 2, the trial #s created should be 1,2,3....not 1,3,4. It would complicated and dangerous to have it do the latter method at this time.

    So, now there is no lingering trials that were redone. Once the experiment is over, visually and numerically, it does not indicate whether any trials were redone...it just looks like any other experiment with the trial #s. However, there is a log entry added to show when a trial is redone.

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