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Thread: Digital Note Taking: Genius, Adesso, Acecad, Vpen, Anoto, Scribbler

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    Digital Note Taking: Genius, Adesso, Acecad, Vpen, Anoto, Scribbler

    For the best deals of Wacom digitizers, search: neuroscript wacom tablets

    Genius G-Note 7100
    o Writing Area 231mm x 332mm (A4)
    o Resolution 2,000 LPI
    o Proximity (paper thickness) 12 mm (120pages)
    o Report Rate 200RPS
    o Two ink pens (red, black)

    Adesso CyberPad A4
    * Active Area: 8 ½” x 11”
    * Writing Height: Around 135 Sheets of paper
    * Resolution: 1024 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
    * Reports Rate: 160 Reports Per Second

    ACECAD DigiMemo L2
    SolidTek DM-L2 DigiMemo L2 8-1/2-by-11-Inch Digital Notepad
    Writing Area 8.5" x 11" ( 216 mm x 279 mm )
    Writing Thickness 0.55" ( 14 mm ); approx. 140 sheets of paper

    ACECAD DigiMemo A402
    Writing Area 210 mm x 279 mm (8.27" x 11")
    Writing Thickness 14 mm (0.55"); approx. 140 sheets of paper

    ACECAD DigiMemo A502
    Writing Area 150 mm x 211 mm (5.9" x 8.3")
    Writing Thickness 12 mm (0.47"); approx. 120 sheets of paper
    Equivalent to: Mecer A5 Digital Graphics Tablet (02564)

    ACECAD DigiMemo A692
    SolidTek DigiMemo 692 Digital Notepad with Memory
    Writing Area 6.0" x 8.3" (150 mm x 211 mm)
    Writing Thickness 0.47" (12 mm); approx. 120 sheets of paper

    Other Handwriting Movement Input Systems

    VPen™ converts handwriting to ASCII text and sends it straight to your handset, PDA, PC or iTV. http://www.otmtech.com/vpen.asp

    Anoto partner: Livescribe's Pulse smartpen is a computer within a pen that records and links what you hear to what you write http://www.anoto.com/?id=11442

    Anoto partner: PaperIQ’s award winning digital pen note-taking solution for the BlackBerry smartphone allows users to capture all their handwritten notes and store their notes or Word documents http://www.anoto.com/?id=14454

    Digital Ink

    Scribbler: A Tool for Searching Digital Ink http://www.sigchi.org/chi95/proceedi...pr/adp_bdy.htm
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    Reviews of Genius Tablet on Amazon

    While trying to get price info, I visited several of the links including Amazon.com. They had two reviews posted. Both said the product was terrible.

    Interesting also is the difference in price between Amazon (much higher) and one other supplier. I did not check the other US suppliers after reading the Amazon reviews.

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    The Amazone reviews of Genius G-Note are at: http://www.amazon.com/Genius-G-Note-...DateDescending.
    I did not see other low-cost options recommended instead, though.

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