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Thread: BPP: Beep at high pen pressure

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    BPP: Beep at high pen pressure

    MovAlyzeR can be set to produce a sound when the axial pen pressure increases beyond a set value.
    Line thickness is also increased with pressure. and after the trial, processing results can be shown.

    Instant Feedback during writing
    o Acoustic: Students who press on their pen beyond a set value hear a sound.
    o Visual: Line thickness increases with pen pressure

    Knowledge of Results immediately after writing
    o Visual: Dysfluency measure (Average normalized jerk within a set range)
    o Visual: Color changes with absolute acceleration (= Proportional to force). Color changes where forces change signifying dysfluencies. (Light red is low acceleration or force, dark blue is high acceleration of force)

    Click F1 and search for maximum pressure or pressure and line thickness.

    The attached video file yields a small demo.
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