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Thread: How to import JPEG files into Neuroscript

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    How to import JPEG files into Neuroscript

    This is Sushma Alphonsa. We are working on an experiment based on the Fitt's Law. It has been greate working with Neuroscript. But I am having problems importing JPEG images/ files from outside( desktop/folder) into the Neuroscript.

    I would look forward for a solution to this so that I can proceed. The stimulus editor has limitations of drawing arrows due to whic I am unable to go ahead and create my stimulus on the Stimulus editor.

    Thank you!

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    Brief intro into MovAlyzeR's visual stimuli

    Go to User UU1, export an experiment, e.g., Fitts' Law: EX3.
    This will generate EX3.mef
    Then go to the user you defined for yourself and import EX3.mef

    Expand this experiment and its conditions >Condition Properties >Stimuli.

    Now you can open Stimulus Editor (Se) for the Imperative Stimulus, for example.
    Click on the items in the Workspace (left) and alter their BASIC element properties (right) or click and slide the shape locations and sizes in the middle page
    File >Save to MovAlyzeR user, or, in toolbar, Export To User


    Click Stimulus Properties >Select stimulus element >View COMPLETE element properties.
    Elements can be:
    o Shapes with specific Dimensions (rectangles and ellipses)
    o Patterns in MovAlyzeR raw data file (complex patterns)
    o Image file (bitmap pictures)

    BTW, Movalyzer cna import JPEG files (of handwriting) to do handwriting image processing. Other import formats are PNG, GIF, PCX, BMP. Stimuli require Bitmaps as these are the only formats than can be directly mapped to the display. Just set the experiment property to Handwriting Image and drag and drop image files on subjects.
    Company http://www.neuroscript.net and work http://www.neuroscript.net/hans_leo_teulings.php on handwriting and drawing movement recording and processing.

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