All scheduled court hearings go well, because I am the only one (according to the lawyers) who does such an argumented and accurate examination. On the basis of what I saw on the old website of Emily Will, I decided that the MovAlyzer program is the real thing I am looking for... what I want... I need to exclude as many as possible human error eliminate my feelings about loops, curves...and to use only measured facts. But I am not only dealing with forensic document examination. I also help people in the psychosomatic field.

I use MovAlyzer and am still learning, because you made a really complex, beautiful masterpiece. Every time I work on a new case, honestly I have to search a little. So, I would be very pleased If you sent me a simple MovAlyzeR guide for forensic document examiners. For you as a builder of the program, all is self-evident. For us, new users this is not true. In any case, do not misunderstand me...the program is useful, transparent...but a simple guide is usually very helpful. -- Nena Trampuš, Forensic Document Examiner, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Email: Web site: