The Validation of Forensic Handwriting
Conference and Business Meeting
26-29 October 2011
De Lindenhof, Zocherweg 9, 2613 ZT Delft.

ABSTRACTS http://www.enfsi.eu/uploads/files/Ab...011-09-09).pdf

PROGRAM http://www.enfsi.eu/uploads/files/Pr...011-09-09).pdf

ABOUT European Network of Forensic Handwriting Experts (ENFHEX) http://www.enfsi.eu/uploads/files/Fi...%20project.pdf

Send e-mail with your name(s) and the name of your organisation to w.fagel@nfi.minjus.nl.
Guest invitations should be sent to the ENFHEX Chair, Tony Stockton, tony.stockton@fss.pnn.police.uk
Members: € 300 Guests: € 300

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