Medwell, Jane and Wray, David. (2008)
Handwriting - a forgotten language skill?
Language and Education, Vol.22 (No.1). pp. 34-47. ISSN 0950-0782

Handwriting - A forgotten language skill?
Medwell, Jane and Wray, David

Handwriting currently has a low status and profile in literacy education. This paper examines the situation of current handwriting pedagogy in England and considers why handwriting efficiency has been neglected. The paper goes on to identify a number of studies located in the domains of special needs and psychology which re-evaluate the role of handwriting efficiency. These studies suggest that handwriting is more than just motor skill and may make a very important contribution to children's composing of text. Existing research into the way handwriting efficiency affects composing suggests that further research, more appropriate assessment and focused intervention could all make a significant contribution to children's writing progress and might positively affect the progress of the many boys who struggle with writing throughout the primary school years.