Referral Awards
Neuroscript is pleased to offer a $50 referral award when a referred person purchases MovAlyzeR®.

Terms and Conditions for Eligibility

• Referrer is eligible to receive $50 for each referral they provide that results in the purchase of the full-priced version of MovAlyzeR®.

• A person who was referred is eligible to receive $50 if they purchase the full-priced MovAlyzeR® as the result of a being referred by a registered user at NeuroScript.

• These awards are for each full-priced purchase of MovAlyzeR®. Additional license purchases and upgrades are not eligible.

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When referring, please ensure that your referral indicates your email when applying to download. Questions can be sent to

Travel Awards
Neuroscript is pleased to offer $100 for travel support when presenting research collected and processed with MovAlyzeR®.

Terms and Conditions for Eligibility

• Must have a purchased version of MovAlyzeR® or GripAlyzeR™ — one travel award per full-price purchase of product.

• Must be presenting at a nationally or internationally-known conference. A preliminary list of approved conferences is noted below. Conferences eligible for travel awards must be pre-approved by NeuroScript.

• Must submit application, abstract, and presentation acceptance letter. Abstract must reference MovAlyzer® or GripAlyzeR™.

• Mention in the text something equivalent to "... movement recordings were processed using the NeuroScript MovAlyzeR® (Teulings, 2010) ...".

• Mention in the references something equivalent to: "Teulings, H.L. (2010). MovAlyzeR® v5.9 [computer program].".

List of Societies with pre-approved conferences

• International Graphonomics Society
• Society for Neuroscience
• International Brain Research Organization
• Neural Control of Movement
• American Neurological Association
• American Psychological Association
• Cognitive Neuroscience Society
• American Academy of Neurology
• Movement Disorders

Apply Now

If interested, please fill out the application form (.pdf) and send it to us at or fax to (+1.480.350.9199).